Friday, May 8, 2015

Summer Bucket List

I don't know if it's because I have been in school for 87% of my lifetime or because the days are longer, but I always try to pack as many fun and wonderful things into summer as I can. I'm currently on a study break so I'm letting myself dream a little of what comes after I get done with these freaking terrible classes  this semester long exercise in futility.

This summer I'm hoping to take a few road trips, including one to San Antonio to enjoy real Tex-Mex, hang out by a pool and see one of my best friends.

I would like to sip on a mint julep one evening in our new back yard.

I want to finish reading this:
I highly recommend it!

I dream of finding an everyday use face sunscreen that doesn't irritate my skin or make me look like a ghost. (Seriously friends, help me out with this one. I'm currently using CeraVe SPF 50 which feels, smells and looks like spreading white acrylic paint on my face every day.)

I am going to eat fresh tomatoes every single day and put basil on as many food items as I can!
I've already been stocking up on my summer herbs.

I have a few DIY projects lined up also, like refinishing a dining table and painting one of our cabinets and turning into a little pantry for our small new kitchen. 
I'm envisioning this bad boy painted light blue and full of Low FODMAP friendly dry-goods!

I can't wait to hang out with our family members! Shout out to you Mama Alice for already scheduling your trip to come visit!!! Also, dear friends and family, please feel free to call me and stop by if you happen to be on I-20 in our neck of the woods!

What's something y'all look forward to doing this summer?


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Contemplating Less

Moving can be great and moving can be awful. Sometimes all at the same time. I've mentioned this already but it is an understatement to say that I was not jumping up and down for joy when I found out we were moving. My husband, friends and family members listened to me say things like, "I just want to be settled somewhere. I want to have a real home." I have prayed, and whined and prayed some more. I'm excited to live in Shreveport, meet new people and explore new places. However, the two weeks in front of me are NOT EXCITING. I'm really grateful that Jamie has driven ten hours round trip every weekend for a month to help. He's gradually move a lot of our smaller items so it isn't as overwhelming come May 16th.
In the words of one of my spirit animals, Liz Lemon, 

To be honest, I have this urge to just sell everything on Craigslist and start over. I'm not going to do that obviously because it's wasteful but that tempting little thought keeps dancing on the edge of my mind. We've worked so hard to keep our home junk free yet this move has exposed even more things we need to work on.
Moving has given us a chance to reevaluate a lot of what we thought we needed or wanted when we started our marriage. We've been asking each other and ourselves questions like:
  • Do I really need this many clothes?
  • Do we really need this much yard/bedroom/closet space?
  • How many casserole dishes, wine glasses and flower vases is too many?
  • What kind of community do we want to be a part of?
  • How did we accumulate so much stuff in one year? 
  • Can we find a place with TWO WHOLE bathrooms?!? (The answer is yes, yes we did.)
  • Do we need to own ten cookbooks since Pinterest and recipe blogs are so prevalent and easy to access now?
  • When we move, how can we do a better job of getting connected to the people around us sooner?
  • Will having less "things" result in having more freedom?
  • How can we make this easier on ourselves the next time?
We haven't come up with all the answers by any means, but I'm really interested to see how this will play out! I would love to know how major moves have changed y'alls lives and how you got through it! 

Monday, April 27, 2015

A new home

I went to visit Jamie at our new apartment in Shreveport this weekend and had the best time just hanging out with my husband in our new apartment and getting to know our new neighborhood. 
I was initially hesitant when Jamie and I started talking about getting an apartment when we moved to Shreveport rather than trying to find a house. I've had some pretty unique living situations since moving out of my parent's after high school, (like living in a converted storage shed,) but I've never actually lived in an apartment building. I am drawn to buildings that have history, character, and that smell a little bit like my Great Aunt Ola's house. I am also a huge fan of quiet so I've just never wanted to live in a traditional style apartment situation.
Back in March, Jamie and I found the perfect compromise: an old two story brick home that has been converted into a duplex in the most beautiful neighborhood in Shreveport! We are half a block from a huge neighborhood park that is always filled with young families, a 15 minute walk to my new favorite coffee shop and three miles from a frisbee golf course on the river. 
At first I had a really hard time being happy about this move but getting to spend a weekend seeing what it will actually be like to live in Shreveport has made me really excited about this next stage in our lives! Plus it will be super nice to live in the same house again! Also, once I saw my husband's version of a stocked fridge and his idea of living room decor, I knew it was time for his temporary bachelorhood to end. 
The only green thing in here was a label on a six pack.

Here's to three weeks left in Houston and a new life in Shreveport!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Moving on up!

Per the usual in the middle of an intense semester taking classes out of my comfort zone, I've been quiet on here. Partly because I'm super busy and partly because most of my spare thinking time has been wrapped up in a big life change that's happening with Jamie and me.

Long story short: The office that Jamie works out of Houston is being closed and the engineers that
haven't quit are being sent to other districts due to a pending merger with the company Jamie works for and another oil field services giant.

What that means for us: Our new home is Shreveport Louisiana! 
Three weeks ago we traveled to Shreveport during my spring break to find somewhere to live. Over Easter weekend we moved Jamie into our new apartment and he started at his new office today. I'm staying at our house in Houston until I finish my classes in May and then I will be joining him in Shreveport permanently and starting a job hunt.

This is such a bittersweet time for us. Houston has found a special place in our hearts and we have grown to love this city and its people. We are so thankful for the opportunities to continue growing in our careers and in our marriage and we are looking forward to what Shreveport has to offer!

Please keep us in your prayers as Jamie navigates a new office environment and new city and as I try to succeed in some pretty challenging classes over the next six weeks.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Seven thoughts about being old and still in college

I have had a virus that turned into a chest cold for the last week so I don't have pretty pictures of things that made my week better because those would be: NyQuil, DayQuil, tomato basil soup, my bed, tissues and chocolate.
School also started back this week and I'm feeling especially "mature" and grumpy and out of place right now. I know I'm not really old. I just happen to be married and already have worked really hard to get a degree studying what I love and want to do with my life. That frustration and being in class with people who seem constantly hungover makes me feel old and grumpy.

So, here are the questions I found myself asking this week:
  • Why do half of these girls look like Kylie Jenner? That girl must have become super popular over Christmas break.
  • Am I older than my TA?
  • Why is there not a parking test required for college admission? (If your tiny car takes up two whole spots because can't understand that you should be parallel between the two white lines then what makes you qualified to pursue higher education?)
  • Is my school accepting 14 year-olds? 
  • Will my death involve a crash with a skateboarder or long boarder who is not paying attention to where they're going?
  • Do people not learn early on that a room number starting with 200 indicates that it is on the second floor of the building or was that just me?
  • What does it mean when the girl sitting next to me in Engineering Mathematics says, "Wow, good for you. I would never be married and still in school."?

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Six Things Saturday

An unexpected and beautiful handmade gift from one of my favorite people.
A book that has brought me closer to Jesus and closer to the beautiful group of women I read it with.
A candle that smells like home and crackles like a campfire.
The renewing power of chalk paint.
 Sunlight in my office.
Thoughtful surprises from my husband that keep on giving.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Six Things Saturday

Today I am grateful for less:
Less stuff.
Less stress.
Less guilt.
And I am also grateful for more:
More hot tea.
More candles.
More bubble baths.