Monday, April 6, 2015

Moving on up!

Per the usual in the middle of an intense semester taking classes out of my comfort zone, I've been quiet on here. Partly because I'm super busy and partly because most of my spare thinking time has been wrapped up in a big life change that's happening with Jamie and me.

Long story short: The office that Jamie works out of Houston is being closed and the engineers that
haven't quit are being sent to other districts due to a pending merger with the company Jamie works for and another oil field services giant.

What that means for us: Our new home is Shreveport Louisiana! 
Three weeks ago we traveled to Shreveport during my spring break to find somewhere to live. Over Easter weekend we moved Jamie into our new apartment and he started at his new office today. I'm staying at our house in Houston until I finish my classes in May and then I will be joining him in Shreveport permanently and starting a job hunt.

This is such a bittersweet time for us. Houston has found a special place in our hearts and we have grown to love this city and its people. We are so thankful for the opportunities to continue growing in our careers and in our marriage and we are looking forward to what Shreveport has to offer!

Please keep us in your prayers as Jamie navigates a new office environment and new city and as I try to succeed in some pretty challenging classes over the next six weeks.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Seven thoughts about being old and still in college

I have had a virus that turned into a chest cold for the last week so I don't have pretty pictures of things that made my week better because those would be: NyQuil, DayQuil, tomato basil soup, my bed, tissues and chocolate.
School also started back this week and I'm feeling especially "mature" and grumpy and out of place right now. I know I'm not really old. I just happen to be married and already have worked really hard to get a degree studying what I love and want to do with my life. That frustration and being in class with people who seem constantly hungover makes me feel old and grumpy.

So, here are the questions I found myself asking this week:
  • Why do half of these girls look like Kylie Jenner? That girl must have become super popular over Christmas break.
  • Am I older than my TA?
  • Why is there not a parking test required for college admission? (If your tiny car takes up two whole spots because can't understand that you should be parallel between the two white lines then what makes you qualified to pursue higher education?)
  • Is my school accepting 14 year-olds? 
  • Will my death involve a crash with a skateboarder or long boarder who is not paying attention to where they're going?
  • Do people not learn early on that a room number starting with 200 indicates that it is on the second floor of the building or was that just me?
  • What does it mean when the girl sitting next to me in Engineering Mathematics says, "Wow, good for you. I would never be married and still in school."?

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Six Things Saturday

An unexpected and beautiful handmade gift from one of my favorite people.
A book that has brought me closer to Jesus and closer to the beautiful group of women I read it with.
A candle that smells like home and crackles like a campfire.
The renewing power of chalk paint.
 Sunlight in my office.
Thoughtful surprises from my husband that keep on giving.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Six Things Saturday

Today I am grateful for less:
Less stuff.
Less stress.
Less guilt.
And I am also grateful for more:
More hot tea.
More candles.
More bubble baths.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Six Things Saturday

For 2015, I will be switching the weekly posts of highlights/happiness to Saturdays. I'm going to be incredibly busy on weekdays this semester and I always have a hard time narrowing down the blessings in my week to just five things.

1. This sunset, this dirt road and the conversations had while taking this walk.

2. Adventures in Austin
We took a little two day trip to Austin for some relaxation together after the holidays.

3. The best curated collection of junk I've ever seen, Uncommon Objects in Austin, TX
I just want to say, for the record, that this experience most certainly did not land in the highlights of Jamie's week.

4. This hat and my sweet mother-in-law who gave me the Christmas money to buy it.

5. This cookbook and the funny notes accompanying it from my best friend. 

6. This handmade bookshelf and the serious paring down and organization that accompanied it. 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Recap

I've been radio-silent on here since I started taking classes and working at the University of Houston but I wanted to squeeze in one last post for this year!

Right after Christmas in 2013, Jamie accepted an engineering position in Houston so we packed up his dorm and most of my apartment into a U-Haul trailer and road tripped to Texas hoping to find a house to rent. 

Upon arriving in Houston we found this adorable gem by the grace of God on our first day of searching.
After getting Jamie settled, I flew back to Macon to my job and wedding planning while Jamie started his new life here.

I got to have not one, but two, bachelorette parties!
Two weeks before the wedding, I convinced Rachel to drive out to Houston with me and with what was left of my apartment. 
After three months of being apart, time with my friends and last minute 
finishing of wedding projects ... this happened. 
 The wedding was nice and all but honestly this part was way better.
 We did miss our flight out after the wedding on Sunday and ended up staying with our friends Kim and Wesley for the first day of our marriage! We couldn't have picked better people to hang out with though! 
After the honeymoon, we flew straight back to Houston and started getting settled in to married life and I started adapting to living in Houston.
I started gardening.

I went with Jamie on a work trip up to College Station and toured a presidential library while Jamie slaved away in the hot sun. 

We enjoyed a DMB concert one evening.
Jamie worked in the shop a lot.
I got to go home for Rachel's graduation.
My Dad drove Ellie out to Houston and then she and I hung around the house a lot and caught up on a 5 year sleep deficit for a few months. 
This girl came to visit and we spent a week just having fun. (Side note, we had lots of wonderful friends visit throughout the summer, I just don't have pictures of you all!)

This fall, Jamie started traveling full time for work and I started classes and working at the 
University of Houston.

We worked on a few projects together when Jamie was home like making concrete planters and assembling new dining chairs.

PS guys, I gave up on refinishing those other ones. We got the frames completely done only to find out that the wood in the seat and back were completely rotted. 
Jamie gave me a much needed punching bag for my birthday.

We dressed up as Han and Leia for Halloween and gave out candy to trick-or-treaters.

Jamie started building a home gym out in our workshop.
Jamie worked on Thanksgiving so we went on a short trip to Dallas to spend time together for the weekend. We love brewery tours.

We went bowling at what turned out to be a very expensive alley. Oh well, it was fun anyway! We walked through some expensive stores for fun and he asked me to try on this ridiculous pair of shoes with no heels on the back. I made it two steps before almost falling.

I made this tree from dowel rods to save space.
We celebrated Christmas together on Sunday the 20th before flying home for the week.
We then proceeded to spend an exhausting but lovely week visiting with our family and friends in Georgia. (Photo credit: Anna Reyes)

Jamie got called out to work the night shift between San Antonio and Corpus Christi today but tomorrow he is meeting me in Austin for another two day trip to site-see in Texas! I hope you all had a blessed holiday season and enjoy your New Year celebrations! 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Gradual bedroom makeover: Step 1

So, this is currently what our bedroom looks like. It's basically exactly what it was in my last home in Georgia except two people sleep in that double bed now and I have to take someone else's sleeping temperature needs into consideration in a new, hotter climate. I like our bedroom, it's clean, simple and calm. The bed (and I'm pretty sure bed skirt) belonged to my great aunt, Vaudine, then my great uncle, Robin, then grandmother and she gave it to me when I moved to Macon after college. I bought the candlestick lamps at the Dollar General for 3 dollars each and spray painted them red and the lampshades were also 3 dollars each from the Dollar General. The awesome bedside tables are from Rooms To Go. I'm pretty sure my uncle picked them out to go with the bed when it was in my grandmother's home.
So, now that I've told you what I like about our bedroom, let me tell you what I don't like. Because this is exactly the same set up and colors of the last rental house I lived in, I'm a little bored with it and the flaws are starting to bother me. I've decided to make changes gradually that make it a little more modern.The bed is beautiful but the beige-cream color of the bed skirt and frame really isn't the best for our home and style right now. I'm tired of all the red and white that I used to love, and it's no secret to my friends that I LOVE blue. So, I'd like to have a gray, white and blue bedroom now. (Jamie's on board but he's hoping a leave just a little red so it will look like "Murica.")

Here are some of the projects I'd like to take on with this room:
1) Update and repair the lamps.
        The lampshades got dented and scratched during our move to Houston so I'll be looking into trying ways to cover up the flaws. Paint is cheap, new lampshades are not.
2) Add more modern, panel style curtains that block more light.
        When Jamie gets home from traveling, he usually needs to sleep during the day to try to catch up on some. These white curtains are cute and I personally love all the brightness in our bedroom, but it isn't practical for a guy who works 24 hour shifts.
3) Hang some big black and white photos from our wedding above the bed.
        Ikea sells cheap, large frames and I'd like to have more wedding photos in our house.
4) I've already mentioned this in a previous post: Paint the bed.
        It can't hurt anything and I'm going to save paint chips from the original paint color in case I ever want to go back.

So those are my plans. It will probably take me until our lease is up to finish everything but that's okay! I enjoy this stuff and it gives me something to do in between school, work and catering to Ellie's every need.

Got any ideas for me? Have you ever painted a wrought iron bed frame?